Sunday, February 06, 2005

Life styles of the rich and greedy.

Ok...who watched those glossy shows on E!, vH1 and MTV? You know, the REALITY TV SHOWS. C'mon fess up!! You know you watch them. It's not like we sit in front of the TV and think "Wow. I love this show". It's more the appeal of it. You can watch celebrities go camping, get in fights with their partners, tour, eat pasta out of the can..ANYTHING. And you can do this without guilt because they air in "ME TIME" (the time of day that is completely devoted to you whether you like it or not...4am...12am...7pm). The time when no one will want to change the channel or ask what this crap is. Sure they also run in prime time and there are 110,000 people between the ages of 15-21 watching it then, but all of us who watch them in ME TIME must add up to at least a couple million. So what's the appeal??? For me it's simple to get lost in the moment. I had a fight with my sister today...but it doesn't matter right now...Newlyweds is on.
I guess I think of it as cheap therapy (both financially and mentally).
What ends up pissing me off is that all these people have underlying responsibilities. Kids, dogs, careers and they all can find/pay someone to take over these things while they go to Venice for the weekend. I wonder if their all that shallow. I wonder how much is to much with us not them.
How much can we know about one person, who we don't actually know, before it can be considered obsessive? How many magazines can we read, TV shows watched and movies seen just because they're in them? Oh well I can't beat myself up to much. They make these shows right? Hence the greedy part. In my opinion, my home is kept to myself and my friends. Not to TV cameras and microphones shoved up my ass. So what's your favorite guilty pleasure show??


At 10:23 AM, Blogger AngryMan said...

Hi Emily,

I have to admit, my very first guilty pleasure reality TV show would have to be C.O.P.S. (not sure I ever knew what that stood for??) on Fox. It might have also been the very 1st reality TV show ever made by humankind. Anywho, it just always used to captivate and intrigue me to no end how the "COPS" would always come across those down-and-out types after getting a call about a "domestic disturbance", push em around and rough em up a little; you know, give em a real good talking too to teach them a lesson about how civilized people are supposed to act. Then, if that didn't work, they would hall their asses "downtown", just like in the movies. I mean, where DO they FIND these people??

So you and your wife get in a little argument and throw a few pots and pans, big deal! My parent's neighbor, Mr. VanDreyson, he's an investment banker, anyway, he and the misses get to goin at it over there and it's like WWIII is breaking out. I mean, I only know this because every once in a while I like to hop the wrought iron fence right near his guardhouse, sneak across his polo field, past his pool facility, then climb this one 200 yr. old Oak tree with my binoculars and listening device and peer across the Great Lawn to see what's goin on over there (part of my good neighbor policy). I mean, I've never seen the COPS in our neighborhood? Some reality show.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Darin Hadley said...

I admit I watch them too, but only when a fictional drama television series isn't on.

Darin Hadley

At 2:04 PM, Blogger emily said...

COPS?! I LOOOOVED COPS! I agree with you I lived in a small middle class town where people got in more fights than I want to remember. Never saw cops there.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger pattygal said...

I love the 80's. THe 70's. The 90's. I love them almost as much as True Hollywood Reporter and those other biography shows. I swear the one about Savannah, the porn star, made me laugh, cry, wish I still had some acid washed jeans...


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