Sunday, February 20, 2005

It's Cowd Outside

I remember an Old Navy commercial a while back and the "hip-hop" singer lady said "it's cowd outside". Well, it's cold outside. I live in a cold area to. The angry man at the Angry Man Clearing House blog made a good point of stalkers and stuff, so I won't say what town I live in but it's near Chicago and it gets chilly.
I don't dress properly either. I wear raincoats in 28 degree weather. I'm famous for not owning hats. I have no winter boots. I think I need to move to California or Hawaii or something. Somewhere nice and toasty that serves drinks 24 hours and you can smoke cigarettes inside.
My dream world.
I hate that people are cracking down on smoking inside. Well let me rephrase that. I'm upset that people are cracking down on smoking inside because I am what they call a casual smoker.
Translation: Will get cancer in 15 years instead of 8. I'm sure it bothers other people and they have ever right to piss and moan about my lousy cigarette. I wonder if all the smokers got together and fought for it, would they allow our butts back inside? Personally most of the smokers I've met are to lazy (I'm an occasionally lazy person) to do such things.
It's definitely to cold to have a cigarette now.
I think I'll turn up the heat to 78 and have a beer or something.


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous said...

i quit smoking after starting @ 16 the only thing is; who gets lung cancer, quitters because the smoke keeps the cancer at bay. ever do anything to try and change the world i went to ny ny for the rnc and stayed in grenwich village greeted people @ 1 ctr,street as they got out of the jail. i also agree w/angryman

At 1:17 AM, Blogger emily said...

everythin gives you cancer now a days. cigaretter, pantyhose, artificial sweeteners. i'm just cutting to the chase by going with cigarettes.


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