Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fuzzy Bears and Hearts.

I don't like Valentine's Day. I have no reason for this. I have had "fantastic" Valentine's Days.
Movie worthy. Yet it did nothing for me. I've had flowers, candy, stuffed bears that look constipated, songs written for me...yet it meant nothing (ok the song was cool until I found the guy "writing for" someone else). Well it's not that it meant nothing, it's just not the greatest holiday ever for me. You go out and spend gobs of cash for someone who you shouldn't, if you really loved them, have to prove anything to. You go to eat at some fancy-shmancy restaurant when last night you ate KCF in your underwear. It's not that I'm not into the whole romance love thing. I think it's great. I'm just not a Valentine's Day girl. Last year I decided that I would no longer celebrate Valentine's Day. After telling this to the guy I had been seeing only 3-4 weeks, I was promptly broken up with. He said that he was looking for a girl who believed in love. Well it really didn't matter, we're friends today. It did get me thinking. Just because I don't enjoy Valentine's I not believe in love?? Sounds kinda screwy to me. He said that was the truth and I do have to believe him (mostly because he didn't date much til my friend Sharon "the Ultimate Romantic"). Don't get me wrong. I could do without constipate bears in my life but I like flowers and going out...just not all in one day.
Anyone else not like Valentine's Day for no good reason?


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