Friday, February 04, 2005


I have been wondering lately why some friends disappear? Why when you change a boyfriend, get a new job, have a kid, whatever...why do some go away?
Do they just loose contact?
Do they have bad feelings?
Do they feel as if we now have nothing in common?
Or is it me?
It can't be all me. What about the loyals. The friends who are there forever. Through all things good and all things bad. The friends that hang around even when you don't want them there.
My good friend is a serial friendship maker, and leaver. She seems to have four or five friends for life and then the rest are friends of whoever she is dating. She's even avoided a breakup just because she would miss his friends. Like all things in life she could only avoid it for so long before he caught on. And then what happens to the friends? Is it strange to keep being friends with an ex's friends? They should have prenups for boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. "I get Susie and you can have Jim".
Ah the ties that bind. I suppose we can all have the people we love, the people we hate and the people we love-hate (the crazy inlaws, the friend from work, your best friend in high school who you have nada in common with anymore).
What the hell..... :)


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