Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dollar Days

I am going on a budget. Not a big one I don't spend a ton of cash anyway. I'm going to do small things. Like my $18.00 a week coffee money will probably go down to $10.00. I'll have to substitute my latte's for house blend but that's ok. My main goal: To have and average balance in my checking account bigger than $72.66. Truth is I don't make a ton of money at my job, I pay rent, I pay my bills and have everything I need. I went to Europe twice in my life, have no credit cards with a balance, and managed to save up to buy a new car in 2004. However I just cleaned out all my old bank statements and my average balance for the past 4 years was $72.66. I think it would just give me peace of mind (which I hear is priceless anyway).
I am sure I can do it I'm not into spending money on a handbag collection. I think I have lost friends that way. Sharon will ask me if I want to go shopping and I always say "nah". Don't get me wrong I've dropped some cash on things I shouldn't have (looking in my closet I can see the Manolo Blanik heels, the $150.00 pair of jeans I've worn five times, and the cashmere scarf for example), but I hate going into crowded places and waiting to use the dressing room, then waiting in line....I guess you could say that I'm impatient. I just wonder how some people can go spend $500.00 in 15 minutes. Is is therapy? Does it make them feel better about themselves or make them forget their shitty day at work? Do they figure it's a credit card and they don't have to pay for it right away (stupid stupid people)? Or is it something more complicated? Something no one even knows about like a gene or something. Girls seem to have the label of being big spender (most of my girl-friends are). I wonder if there is something in us that makes us want things. Expensive shiny things. I once worked with a girl that said no to a proposal claiming the ring was "not good reflection of what our life together would be". I still don't know what that means. Uh, hello your a bank teller! She was a bitch anyway.
Well for whatever reasons we all have, we like to spend money on things we don't need. So I have decided to go on this budget not for something or someplace. I'm going on a budget because I feel like it. Put that in your $83.00 pipe and smoke it.


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