Friday, January 21, 2005

I hate this

I hate it when some people are just to lazy to do anything important. My niece has a birthday coming up and her family hasn't even sent out invitations. It's in 4 days. When asked what the little tike wants for the second time (again only FOUR DAYS AWAY) I am told to relax in a very stern voice. All this while they sit in their pj's at 6 o'clock in the evening eating ice cream. Well have a freaking nice time explaining to your kid why no one came because you can't get off your fat ass and do something!!!!!!!!! I am upset.
Don't get me wrong I am no Miss Gina Get to when it comes to projects but come on. This is stupid. The poor kid hasnt had a party in years because we live in Chicago and parties in the winter are limited to Chucky Cheese and in house things (which no one wants to do...but they are anyway).
I just hope to have more respect for my kids than "Yes you can have a party but I can't send out invites til 2 days before and sorry if no one comes". SHEEEEEEEESH. Sometimes I wish I had a guilty habit. One that didnt kill you (i.e. drugs, drinking, shopping) but that made you feel better (like meditating, therapy, herbal supplements). Well I guess it wouldnt be guilty then would it?
I often wonder if parent-hood will do crazy things to you. Do you suddenly have no free time, so when you do you would rather eat ice cream and watch the Drew Carey Show than plan your youngest birthday? What ever happened to having a child because of love and not because of resentment? And can you avoid it?????????????????????????

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

First blog

This is my very first blog. What to say, what to say? Music, movies or tv?
Well, as far as music goes I have a thing for blue-sy types like Johnny Lang. I like some Journey (yes Journey) every now and then. I'll even go as far as to say I like some of the stuff on the radio (some).
I truly believe that movies have lost there creativity. Oceans 11 originally had Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, not George Clooney and Brad Pitt, and in my opinion was better (although I know half of American's between the age of 15 and 32 will disagree). I do enjoy television (the real Desperate Housewives best friend) and have a weakness for the Daily show (although I have cravings for the earlier shows), those glossy shows they have on vH1 and E! and the Food Network (don't laugh that's where I learned how to chiffonade my basil).
I would love to know who reads these things.