Monday, February 28, 2005


I am looking into a new car. Yes I know I bought on in 2004 but I am finding that it's to small. I currently drive a Nissan Sentra and am looking into an Altima. Basically because they're bigger, but not to big. Any suggestions?

Friday, February 25, 2005


My new favorite show is CSI. Not Miami or NY. Just CSI. Don't know why, not a real big fan of all the Crime Law and Punishment shows. Hate Law and Order (sorry to all those L&O fans).
CSI just holds my attention more. All those nasty shots of the guys guts. Entertainment in the purest sense. Well ok maybe not pure, but it sure beats the glossy shows (i.e. Newlyweds, vH1 Goes Inside______, anything on E!) that fill up my sick days and some lonely Saturdays.
I guess it could be worse. I could love soap operas. I've overheard conversations at the grocery store that went along the lines of "Ohmigod, did you know Damien was cheating on Mary-Margaret-Sue? With Mary-Margaret-Sue's TWIN SISTER Sue-Margaret-Mary?!?! And then the priest found out and someone shot him?! OHMIGOD!!". In today's world it's sad that I actually have to listen a bit closer to find the words "tomorrows show" to make sure that they are talking about a soap and not what happened on the 7 o'clock news.
I have tendencies to watch the news, crap on the Discovery Channel about why the Twin Towers fell (*that would be a plane hitting it), glossies (see above) and now CSI.
I think I may need more of a social life. Truth is most of my friends are settling down with that whole marriage/kids thing and because I have no real desire to do that yet, I'm home a lot.
Oh well. In due time.
*Please don't take offense to my 9/11 remark. Honestly I was there in NYC that week and it was the worst thing I have ever seen. I do not mean to offend anyone. I just don't understand why the media has to analyze everything about it. Yes it was built to withstand 75 mile winds, a light plane touching it, but seriously, that's not what happened. I don't need to see the entire thing every 3 months. I guess I should just stop watching it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dollar Days

I am going on a budget. Not a big one I don't spend a ton of cash anyway. I'm going to do small things. Like my $18.00 a week coffee money will probably go down to $10.00. I'll have to substitute my latte's for house blend but that's ok. My main goal: To have and average balance in my checking account bigger than $72.66. Truth is I don't make a ton of money at my job, I pay rent, I pay my bills and have everything I need. I went to Europe twice in my life, have no credit cards with a balance, and managed to save up to buy a new car in 2004. However I just cleaned out all my old bank statements and my average balance for the past 4 years was $72.66. I think it would just give me peace of mind (which I hear is priceless anyway).
I am sure I can do it I'm not into spending money on a handbag collection. I think I have lost friends that way. Sharon will ask me if I want to go shopping and I always say "nah". Don't get me wrong I've dropped some cash on things I shouldn't have (looking in my closet I can see the Manolo Blanik heels, the $150.00 pair of jeans I've worn five times, and the cashmere scarf for example), but I hate going into crowded places and waiting to use the dressing room, then waiting in line....I guess you could say that I'm impatient. I just wonder how some people can go spend $500.00 in 15 minutes. Is is therapy? Does it make them feel better about themselves or make them forget their shitty day at work? Do they figure it's a credit card and they don't have to pay for it right away (stupid stupid people)? Or is it something more complicated? Something no one even knows about like a gene or something. Girls seem to have the label of being big spender (most of my girl-friends are). I wonder if there is something in us that makes us want things. Expensive shiny things. I once worked with a girl that said no to a proposal claiming the ring was "not good reflection of what our life together would be". I still don't know what that means. Uh, hello your a bank teller! She was a bitch anyway.
Well for whatever reasons we all have, we like to spend money on things we don't need. So I have decided to go on this budget not for something or someplace. I'm going on a budget because I feel like it. Put that in your $83.00 pipe and smoke it.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

It's Cowd Outside

I remember an Old Navy commercial a while back and the "hip-hop" singer lady said "it's cowd outside". Well, it's cold outside. I live in a cold area to. The angry man at the Angry Man Clearing House blog made a good point of stalkers and stuff, so I won't say what town I live in but it's near Chicago and it gets chilly.
I don't dress properly either. I wear raincoats in 28 degree weather. I'm famous for not owning hats. I have no winter boots. I think I need to move to California or Hawaii or something. Somewhere nice and toasty that serves drinks 24 hours and you can smoke cigarettes inside.
My dream world.
I hate that people are cracking down on smoking inside. Well let me rephrase that. I'm upset that people are cracking down on smoking inside because I am what they call a casual smoker.
Translation: Will get cancer in 15 years instead of 8. I'm sure it bothers other people and they have ever right to piss and moan about my lousy cigarette. I wonder if all the smokers got together and fought for it, would they allow our butts back inside? Personally most of the smokers I've met are to lazy (I'm an occasionally lazy person) to do such things.
It's definitely to cold to have a cigarette now.
I think I'll turn up the heat to 78 and have a beer or something.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I have a boo-boo.

Yes, a boo-boo. I got some fillings Monday and I bit my upper lip. Hard. Right on the inside. Now I have this big, nasty, pussy white blister on the inside of my lip. Luckily you can't see it. But I can taste, feel and play with it. It's gross. I don't think I can really do anything about it. I doesn't really hurt. It just sucks.
I hate going to the dentist. I hate driving there and waiting. Once I get in the chair it'd not that bad. Better than having a root canal or something. Then you have to pay them all kinds of money I don't have. I got denatal insurance recently and that helps. They still kill you on it.

Monday, February 14, 2005


I know why everything closes early on Sunday. What I don't know is why it's still going on. I mean no disrespect to anyone religious, but this whole not being open on Sunday thing is losing it's charm.
When I was smaller the mall closed at 4. Now it's 7. My parents remember a time when nothing was open. A buddy of mine lives in Massachusetts and says you can buy liquor on Sundays over there now and it was a fuss on the news. By the time my 11 year old niece is my age it won't matter. So why bother? There are people who work every day all day. Sunday Monday Friday.
Doesn't make a difference to them. I'm sure the Mon-Fri 9-5 people wouldn't care. My old bank is even open on Sundays.
I think everyone should just cut to the chase and leave everything open 24 hours a day.
Malls, banks, and for all those religious people, church. Why not?
Ok the whole point of this thing is that I really wanted Starbucks but they close at 9 on Sundays. Selfish? Yes. Important? Yes (hey coffee is important!).

Sunday, February 13, 2005


I need to have sex. Hot, dirty, nasty sex. I know I sound cheap, but every now and then you need good sex. A relationship of mine ended recently due to the fact that we just weren't interested in each other anymore. We have "nice" sex. The no surprise, same ol' same ol' sex.
I'm not a "nice" sex kind of girl. So now I'm getting antsy. Not antsy enough to jump the next guy I see, but things are definitely starting to boil over.
So now I need to find someone who will be willing to have sex with me and not hold it against me (as a friend, acquaintance or otherwise) that I put out on the first date. I don't think that's cheap. Really I don't. I know I probably should think it's cheap to put out on a first date, but I really think that after oh-so-many partners (in my case 11 1/2 in 12 years) the "importance" of it all seems to fade. I have all the respect in the world for those people who are saving themselves (what are they called virgins?)....I'm just not one of them.
*sigh* Anyone know of a good vibrator??